The Truth Behind the Cancellation of 'AJ After Hours'


Turns out Mindy Herman was scared should have talked shows more than we knew because of that because of the tragedy of the Magic Johnson show. Magic was just bad on TV. It took him years to learn how to talk on TV. He wasn't ready then as a result, it all fell back on many of the blowback hit her hard. So she was petrified of talk shows, but she would never say that to our face. And I knew that things were bad because right before the talk show aired the advertising budget was cut in half. One minute on being in every magazine and newspaper in America, I'm on buses in Los Angeles by face, mildly faced with AJ after hours. I'm everywhere. The last two weeks before the show, I'm nowhere to be found. And the show was gonna run at midnight, then I went to one 30, then 2 o'clock in the morning. Who the fuck's up? The shelves from milkmen and vampires. Who's gonna watch your show with that hour, right? As my father would say, whores and milk men are up at that hour. So I was, I was doomed. It was doomed, right? And that cancellation when I finally got the word, I'm at the hotel. I've told you this story before and gave me for a minute. At the time, my assistant was my girlfriend and she was with me the whole way. And as we're getting ready for the 5th taping, Chris Rock was on that night, some good guess. She gets a phone call. Oh, it's John. John riber. Hold on. John says don't come downtown. It wouldn't mean don't come down. I'm going to tape the show. No, John says there's no shelter tonight. I go, happy to not be a shell tonight. Chris Rock's here. We're doing a show. No. So I got on the phone, John tells me, and he was crushed. It wasn't his call, but he said, we're not going to pull the show. Mindy wants to pull

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