Retirement Research Director: Plans Have Lost $3.4 Trillion Since January


Alicia munnell director of the center for retirement research at Boston college wrote in a blog this week that retirement plans ready Have collectively lost upwards of three $1 trillion since just the beginning of January The coronado's latest date of 401k plan participants have lost about 1.4 trillion from their accounts IRAs have lost 2 trillion since the end of 2021 Good God So basically the federal government spent trillions and you've lost trillions Main Street is filling it too One woman told Fox business her 401k has been decimated To the point that she is now wondering if her plans for starting her golden years might need to be delayed Yeah I think so A trader works on the floor of the New York stocks exchange in New York It's horrible I mean I was thinking I might be retiring you know in the next year or two and now I don't I don't know what I can do that They're not doing too good right now Another man said of his investments We've been losing a lot of money

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