51 migrants die after trailer abandoned in San Antonio heat


I'm Mike Gracia reporting another victim dies after migrants are abandoned in a tractor trailer in San Antonio heat The death toll from a tractor trailer packed with migrants that was found abandoned and stifling San Antonio heat Monday evening rose to 51 Tuesday Authorities say it was the deadliest tragedy in a migrant smuggling case in U.S. history More than a dozen people including four children their bodies hopped to the touch were taken to area hospitals Antonio Fernández CEO of Catholic charity San Antonio tells The Associated Press he visited one of the survivors in a local hospital The Guatemala because we have been told that they were speaking Guatemala and she actually narrated The Mexico consul general in San Antonio said among the dead 27 are believed to be of Mexican origin U.S. representative Henry cuellar of Texas told the AP the driver of the truck and two other people were arrested I'm Mike

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