The Roe v Wade Thing Isn't a Winner...


Seems to have kind of collaboratively agreed through coordination and I'm just looking, I'm looking at The Wall Street Journal, I have The New York Times here. The roe V wade thing isn't a winner. And what's so fascinating is how many moderate Republicans for years told me that we can't talk about reversing roe versus wade because people will lose their mind and that there will be protests in the streets and we'll lose voters. And what that shows and I want you to imagine for a second, I want to push your boundaries how much of our action, how much of our potential boldness is held hostage by the belief, the left is going to lose their mind and we're going to lose politically when in reality that might not be the case. How many big ambitious exciting ideas could we be implementing to better the American nation that we kind of stopped short because people say, oh, no, no. Bad things might happen. Now, for years, I was told by moderate Republicans. Charlie stopped talking about abortion. Stop talking. We're going to lose voters. It's going to be cataclysmic, and unite the left. Well, I'm reading The New York Times, just weeks after the leak. And it is nowhere to be found. Now this was not the case with Floyd a palooza. During Floyd a palooza, it was everywhere. Nonstop, racial reconciliation reconciliation, 16, 19 project promotions The New York Times. Rob and D'angelo, white fragility, ibram X kendi, tahani see Coates. Nonstop drum beat of promotion and profiling of stories, promotion, and platforming is a better word to use than profiling. Nonstop. I'm expecting, but I'm not seeing where in The New York Times is woman in Arkansas, dreads that one day she can't have an abortion.

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