Texas School Shooter Kills 14 Children, 1 Teacher


Welcome ladies and gentlemen, you're listening to the officer Tatum show him your hose Brandon Tatum. I have some tragic news. I know that you probably heard about it, but there was a tragic shooting in you of all Texas, 15 dead 14 of them were children shot at a elementary school in a small town called Yuval di population about 15,000 people in 78% population and Hispanic and I saw the picture of the shooter and he looks like he's Hispanic. He looked deranged. He looks like he's a minister of society. How did nobody detect that he was nutty? Is beyond me. On his social media, I Instagram, he posted magazines, he posted rifles, he seems like he was a deranged young man. And before the shooting at the school, at the elementary school, which he did not attend, he was 18 years old, he murdered his grandmother. And after murdering his grandmother, he went to the school and shot as many kids as he could. Right now, it doesn't appear that there's a clear motive other than him being insane. And it's a very tragic situation in my condolences and prayers go out to the families that have lost their loved ones in such a tragic event.

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