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We're keeping our eyes on the world health assembly in the World Health Organization. And someone who has an amazing website, it's called leave the who dot com or leave the WHO dot com. And it's a substack page that is monitoring everything happening in the World Health Organization in real time. What amendments are being discussed, whose presenting them it's an extraordinary website, leave the who dot com. And the brilliant mind behind it is James rusky with us right now and he's been doing an amazing job covering it. James welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Hey, thanks for having me, Charlie. I greatly appreciate it. I know time is precious. So I'll dive right into it. The latest that we've been able to find is going on, it's just so slippery, okay? The United States presented amendments back in January to the international health regulations. Now, if anybody says the word treaty, or they say the phrase pandemic treaty, that's a decoy. You're talking about something other than what we're talking about. We're talking about proposed amendments to international health regulations. Very concise documents, what has happened is in the last week or so, they've been having difficulty reaching consensus, right? Basically, people are objecting to it. Nations that are there. And the latest thing that I'm aware of because obviously I'm not in Geneva. I'm in my dining room. The latest thing that we're aware of is often some backroom somewhere. There are discussions. And the latest thing that the person who's running this committee that is considering these amendments, he said, in the issue, or to forward the cause of transparency, whatever happens in this back room meeting will be emailed to the people who are in the assembly. And I'm scratching my head going. Well, why don't you just talk about it in public, right? Why do you have to email it? How is that transparent? And so what's going on is they don't actually vote on these amendments. The procedure by which they get all of their resolutions and their documents, they'll have a document that's published on their website and all of the people who are there for the gathering for the assembly will have their computers and they can access the document. And they'll say something like, well, we're talking about document XYZ. Are there any objections, oh, there aren't any objections? Great. Documents been

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