NY Times: Uvalde Police Took Over 40 Minutes to Enter School


There's also a troubling bit of information from Yuval day coming out that the police reportedly, according to The New York Times anyway, and I don't think The New York Times is particularly pro police. So maybe take it with a grain of salt, but the report is that the police took over 40 minutes to enter the building. While he was in there with those terrified children. And we got a mute guys for me. Please mute. The report is that the police, one school safety officer encountered the 18 year old killer. Outside the school, it's not clear according to the reporting if there was gunfire exchanged. There is, and I say this with a heavy heart because I'm pro police. And these are men and women who go to the to go into danger regularly, but you know, one of the catastrophes of Columbine is that those two monsters were able to do whatever they wanted for a long, long period of time. Because the police would not breach the school. And as a result, it is believed that at least one guy bled to death. The teacher, the math teacher, bled out, and he was alive for a long time. And they took forever to get into the building.

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