Delta Joins List of Corporations to Ditch Degree Requirements


The ongoing enrollment crisis at U.S. college and universities deepened in spring 22. Raising concerns that a fundamental shift is taking place in attitudes toward the value of a college degree. I think that it is. I do think it is and what would really make it clear is if more, look up the delta, I want to make sure it's not united. I think it's delta. I always like to get obviously things accurately. But I think more companies just need to say that. Now, clearly, if you're a mathematician, then a degree in math is probably necessary. Although, even there, I think they should test you for knowledge, not for a degree. What if one of you had a tutor on your own and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's the old way of learning is with a tutor. It's probably the best possible way of learning, after all, didn't teachers unions tell us all of my life, small classes, small classes, can't get smaller than a tutor.

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