Unfiltered With Dan Bongino: Are You Being Spied On?


Show tomorrow on Fox unfiltered 9 p.m. Eastern Time Are you being spied on That's the question we're gonna ask him by who it may not be who you think You know you see all the movies and you see you assume with the spygate story and the Hillary Clinton stuff breaking today That it's all about the FBI and the NSA and metadata But I've got a monologue in the beginning of the show that it's some agency You might not have been aware of And the private sector too It's pretty strong monologue been working on it I got the great one Mark Levin on the show too who just destroys the Biden administration So don't miss that And I've got to survivalist coming on the show What do you think of that Jim To answer some questions like hey listen what if things break really bad Like you have any tips for us so that you don't miss the show unfiltered set your DVR tomorrow Saturday 9

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