Katty Kay: U.S. Having a Baby Formula Shortage Is 'Unbelievable'


Here's Katie Kay from the BBC Another far left outlet over there She does the same thing Acting perplexed and confused that the big government that they all kissed the butt of is so incompetent that they can't even handle a baby formula crisis It's not Joe yeah Joe Biden is uniquely unqualified I'll give you that But surely there are people around him who know what they're doing And the answer is what they're doing is intentionally destroying this place They can't help you know that So they got to make it out that no no it's just a character flow at this administration here Listen to this check check out catty K from the BBC Take a step back The idea that the United States of America is having to import baby formula from Switzerland because mothers are running down to one can or even less to try and feed their babies They literally can not feed their babies and this is in 2022 The world's biggest military the world's biggest economy can't get baby for me a lot of people just seems frankly it seems kind of unbelievable If somebody had told this to me a couple of months ago I would have never believed that this was going to happen This headline started cropping up two or three weeks ago And two or three weeks ago there wasn't very much attention being paid to this The first story is I saw about it back then I thought I hope The White House is on this because this has the potential to blow up in their faces politically in a very big way And of course much more importantly it is causing huge amounts of stress to parents

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