Stephen Miller: Our Founders Wanted to Make It Hard to Enter Treaties


A major attack on our liberty and our system of representative government then by conferring by granting a foreign entity sovereign control over significant healthcare decisions in our own country we would have to abide by what they say and we would have no recourse as citizens with anything or anyone Isn't this a direct conflict with our constitutional system Yes it renders the treaty clause null and void as you know is one of our nation's foremost constitutional scholars The founders wanted to make it exceptionally difficult to enter into binding agreements which is why there's such a high vote threshold for a treaty although I would suggest to you that because of the nature of this agreement it is not something that would be constitutional for 45 other reasons that we could go through due process and unreasonable seizure and all the different kinds of ways that they're going to be invading the lives of private citizens as a result of this agreement in a future real or imagined public health emergency But as the most basic level it does violate the treaty clause of the constitution as the most effective simplest argument in a court of law and so that's the reason why my organization has said to the Biden administration If you try to do one thing under this agreement here in the United States to treat this in any way shape or form is having the force and effect of law that we're taking you straight to court and we're also calling and phoning state attorney generals to tell them to make the exact same threat and to follow through on the exact same pledge And then meanwhile Congress can't do it now but can certainly do it in 23 In the very first appropriations bill they need to have a line in there that says none of the funds in this act can be used to implement this agreement

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