Why Is the West So Intent on Punishing Itself?


What's so interesting is this question of why are we doing this to ourselves? It's a question that Douglas Murray asks in the phenomenal book war on the west, which I encourage you to read and we had him on our show a couple weeks ago and I listened to the book very carefully and I read it. I listened to books too. It's easier when you're working out and doing things. And Douglas Murray makes the argument, and he asks the question, why is it that the west is so intent on punishing itself? It's almost this continual and relentless campaign. Of self laceration. It's not about justice. It's not about improvement. It's not about introspection. It is about trying to harm the west because you feel as if either were too strong, too powerful, it's inequitable, and you want the civilization to crumble as a way to trying to even out the playing field. And that plays perfectly into what Joe Biden is doing in Geneva the World Health Organization, which is that it's our own government that is proposing that America becomes less powerful, less free, and less sovereign. It's our own government. It's not as if that the World Health Organization is doing this to America. It'd be one thing if the World Health Organization in Geneva was meeting and they were conspiring against America. But what's so perplexing? Psychologically and otherwise is that we're the ones that are asking the WHO to make us less powerful.

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