U.S. reflects on yet another school shooting massacre


The police response to the shooting inside a Texas elementary school that left 19 children and two teachers dead remains a major question mark The gunman Salvador Ramos I should say who lived in Yuval may have given clues out on social media about his intentions before the massacre CBS's Omar via franca with more We asked the social networking app U boat about reports the suspect threatened rapes in school shootings on its platform U boat responded Due to active investigation by law enforcement we can not publicly share details on an individual user's data at this time We're also hearing from the shooter's mother I have no words I have no words to say because I don't know what he was thinking President Biden and the First Lady will visit Yuval di later today to comfort grieving families Across Texas in Houston the National Rifle Association's annual convention is hearing from politicians who support gun rights CBS Robert Costa tells us the mood at the convention is to push back on any attempts at new gun restrictions The gun talks are beginning in Washington Some Democrats are talking with

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