Pelosi Poised to Visit Taiwan As China Threatens Military Action


Have a strong belief that we should do everything we can to convince the Chinese that they shouldn't do anything aggressive towards Taiwan and that our policy can include aggressive deterrence. I don't think they've managed to pull that off with the inability of The White House to articulate this position. But what if all right, now it appears she's going. It sounds like that she'll be there Tuesday night and the Chinese have literally threatened that if we fly military aircraft into there, they're going to do something about it. Are they blowing smoke or could this actually blow up? Well, I don't think they're going to shoot down in American military aircraft. But when Xi Jinping tells President Biden as he did, if you play with fire, you will get burned. That is language stronger than the Chinese have used at any time since we established diplomatic relations. Not since the Korean War have they said things like that. Remember, Xi Jinping is facing a tough contest for his third term as premier. He's got the 20th Congress of the Communist Party coming up in November. And after he's put his credibility on the line, there's no way he can back down and do nothing. So what I would expect is not a kinetic action on China's part. I think more likely would be a blockade, and they dare the United States to try to break the blockade. That's up to easy when Taiwan's 90 miles of the Chinese coast and they have the home court advantage. As the Chinese keep saying, they've got what about 1400 surface to ship missiles, and most experts certainly the Rand people, the air force, believe that the Chinese could sink pretty much any American ship within. 500 miles or more of their coast.

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