Jim Hanson and Miranda Devine Discuss the Biden Crime Family


Told you guys before I'm working on an AI project to find out who was behind the censorship and disinformation of the Hunter Biden laptop story. And guess what? We have now on the show, the woman who wrote the definitive tale of this laptop from hell, Miranda Devine. Good to be with you. Hey, great to be with you, too, Jim. I love your project. It's none of your project. Very important. Well, it's one of the most horrendous things I think has been done as far as interfering in an election in this country, and I want to expose it. And I think everyone needs it exposed. But you did a lot of the hard work in digging into the story as a whole, and it seems to be, you know, there's a lot there and I think there was always evidence of Biden family corruption. Given that we've now got some whistleblowers talking about what's going on in the FBI, do you think there will be any adverse action for anybody named Biden? Well, look, I think that's all up in the air. Certainly, you know, if there's polls show the Republicans take back at least the house, if not the Senate. I think next year they are all systems go, they are locked and loaded. They're doing a lot of work now to live for the work to get on top of all the issues and the whistleblowers are starting to knock on their doors. That's what's really the latest kind of turn in this story because we have had a lot of twists and turns and we first started working on it back in late 2020 just before the election. And so I think that's good news. And I think it really will depend on patriots, particularly within the intelligence community and particularly the FBI

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