USDA getting tougher on salmonella in chicken products


The USDA is proposing to crack down on breaded but still raw chicken products due to outbreaks of salmonella How safe is that chicken in your freezer Raw chicken products that are sold predator stuffed have been associated with 14 salmonella outbreaks and approximately 200 illnesses since 1998 Now they're the target of new regulations being proposed by the Department of Agriculture They want to declare salmonella as an adulterant many such products like chicken cordon BLEU and chicken Kyiv appear to be cooked but are only heat treated enough to set the batter or crumb coating Currently poultry processing plants have to follow certain performance standards to reduce contamination but the proposed new rules were to require routine testing at the plants which could be shut down if companies failed to reduce salmonella bacteria levels in their products Jennifer King Washington

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