Tom Tradup: Trending Events at CPAC


Harry, what's your title? I suppose it'll be a vice president of news and talk programming, but here at cpac, I'm best known as the only person in the entire convention that does not have either pants or a shirt or both made out of an American flag. Well, come on, get one, get with the program. Where's your flag? No, I feel naked here. It's unbelievable. You told me. You texted me today. Two things that just cracked me up. First of all, you said, you don't want to miss Marjorie Taylor Greene's session. It's called I'll take my committee back, please. And then you said that there's a, I guess, a session called the invasion with both Myra Flores and Carrie Lake. Is that true? That's right. Yep, Carrie Lake is flying in right after her victory in Arizona yesterday. In the GOP primary and she and Myra Flores who you've had on the show before Mike and you know very well from the Rio Grande valley, they are going to have this place exploding today. But it doesn't take much. I mean, Mike lindell is making a speech, Rick Scott, the U.S. senator from Florida has got a plan to rescue America. He's going to reveal JD Vance is here from Ohio that he's going to be talking about the rise of the hillbilly, which would be him. And then tonight, our mutual friend Larry O'Connor is hosting the annual cattlemen's ball here in Dallas at cpac and the guest speaker is Steve Bannon.

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