Cameron Tringale's Buffering Swing

Fore The People


I was going to comment on a video they did of Cameron tringale swing, well, you should 61 and they don't show any of his swings on social media. So it goes without saying. They show a couple random putts and then a picture of a scorecard, but I was going to, I was going to say on Twitter, a perfect way to describe his swing is like when Netflix is like buffered at like 84%. That's Cameron triangular swing. Have you ever seen it? It's like, it looks pretty good. And then you just saw it straight off. Like right at the hip like going through. I think he's a full Netflix buffering at 84% situation. But the guy's played. I mean, a 100% he's a good player. I mean, you know, he has, he's made more money than I was playing golf. I mean, shit, this is the dude's like 30. I forgot what they said, like 35. So he keeps his tour card every single

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