Ron Guidry: The Incredible Team of the 1985 Yankees


1985 you have this amazing season You had one of the most amazing lineups behind you in baseball history We're talking to Ron guidry one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball You had Mattingly You had wind field You had Baylor You had I was Jack Clark on that team too you had Willie Randolph I mean you had one of the most amazing pagliarulo He was like your number 7 hitter and he hit 30 home runs or something You had an incredible team That must have helped you that year Well it certainly I mean because you know when you go out I mean look every time you go out you want to pitch a shutout but it ain't going to work that way So you go out knowing that even if you have a bad game like I said and you give up three or four runs You know your team is capable of scored And if they don't then you chalk it up to a bad day Okay So the other guy did his job a little bit better than I did mine So he wins But when you go out there you always going out there knowing that you have a chance to win the game As long as you keep the game close like I said about the playoff game My job every time that I stepped out there was just keep this game close Sure I'd like to win the game because at the end of the year if I got a ten and ten but I should have won 25 games they're not going to pay me on this should have won 25 games Because I won ten That's it Gator they pay me on the ratings They don't care what the rating should have been All they care about what the ratings are gator Whatever they are today when we're talking that's how you get paid So what I want to do though I took more pride in leaving the mound known that my team was in a position to win Because after all if we win a hundred games we're going somewhere So that's right That was what's most poor sure I enjoyed winning the games but it was more important to always give my team an opportunity to win the games that I was pitching in

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