Democrats Try to Scrub Big Tech


Meanwhile, Democrats are trying to screw up big tech. Now we need some reforms in big tech, some protection of data. We need national security, cooperation from big tech. National security adviser Robert O'Brien went on Larry kudlow's show on Fox business yesterday talking about Amy Klobuchar's Bill. Amy Klobuchar's Bill is really bad. Because once again, if you let Democrats run anything, they will run it into the ground. Cut number 26. Well, look, the one thing standing in the way of Chinese domination of the world in Chinese Communist Party domination in the world is the American private sector and the bigger one of the big parts of that is tech. And so all you have to do is look at what Elon Musk did with Starlink at the outset of the Ukraine war keeping Ukraine connected, what YouTube did and getting zelensky's speeches out to the Russians. And we see why the Chinese don't like it. And they've said that they're going to surpass American tech, they're going to scale their companies. They're going to put trillions of dollars into it. They've been public about it. So they've got this China 25 policy to destroy America's tech sector. And now we've got these bills out to help them do it. It's pretty amazing. I want to give them access to our algorithms, access to our data. We should be banning Chinese companies and taking action like India did against Chinese big tech and instead we're coming after the American companies.

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