Internal Polling Shows Just How Much Trouble Democrats Are In


This one. Internal Democrat polling, Democrats are quote getting blown out in November. A new report reveals that the Democrats party internal polling shows them getting blown out in November's congressional elections. At a meeting with the D.C., the Democrat congressional campaign committee. Chair, Sean Patrick maloney, said Democrats who are on the bubble and the upcoming election were informed that in battleground districts, the generic Republican is beating the generic Democrat by a whopping 8 points. Biden plus 8 districts are now toss ups. CLF pulled 16 districts that Joe Biden won by an average of 8 points. In those districts, the generic ballot was tied and Joe Biden's approval was negative 8. In those seats 49% of voters say they want a Republican in Congress to provide a check on Biden. And so look, I'm a loyal and public, Donald Trump fan. With that being said, it is just being honest that there is 8 to 15% of the population that will vote Republican that refuse to vote for Donald Trump. Those people exist. I know a lot of those people. I know a lot of those people are Republican in their political perspective, but they are anti Trump in more ways than

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