Gas Prices Reach Record Highs, Again


A new marker yesterday gas is hit $4 a gallon in all 50 states. In California, $6 and 29 cents a gallon for regular. I'm thinking about someone stuck on the 55 and the 91 coming in from Marino valley over to the coast or someone coming down from Santa Barbara or the one O one into LA and certainly those very long commutes up into the city or Silicon Valley, $6 and 29 cents a gallon. You know, yesterday, Joe Biden invoked the defense production act for baby formula to make it easier to make baby formula. I think he should invoke the defense production act to make more gasoline. Does anyone ask him that in the press corps I'll ask Michael to share that. You know, it was a big deal. The DNP, the DPA, defense production act for baby formula. Why not the DPA for gasoline?

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