Gov. Abbott: No Laws I Signed Had Any Intersection With Shooting


You talked about the rollback of any of the legislation that I signed this past session Let's be clear about one thing None of the laws that I signed this past session had any intersection with this crime at all No law that is not allowed him to get a gun The gun that he did get and so again there was nothing about the laws from this past session that has any relevancy to the crime that did occur here With regard to special session let me just say this and that is first of all all options are on the table Second most importantly to your point do we expect laws to come out of this devastating crime The answer is absolutely yes And there will be laws in multiple different subject areas For example I do fully expect to have every law that we pass in the aftermath of the Santa Fe shooting to be completely revisited and first we need to gain the information about exactly what happened at the school to find out the extent to which those laws were complied with to the extent that they were not complied with to find out what shortcomings allowed the city to occur And right there is what I said in the first hour which your Congress refuses to do Which your major media refused to do He wants to look at everything and anything Once we get the facts Schumer said no Waltman said no at the post My liberal friend who wrote me said no Guns That's it

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