The Latest Update on Eric's Late-Night Talk Show


About a month back, you mentioned you were working on a TV show. What's happening with that project? That show is a reboot of Sanford and son. And it's not going anywhere. Nobody buys me as Lamont. And I said, what about Fred? He said, we don't buy you as Freddie. I said, what about bubba? What about Grady? I just want to play one of the, nobody's buying it. And so I don't know what's going to happen with that. We're working on another project actually to do a late night talk show. And that, where is that? We're probably going to be shooting 5 more shows at the end of June for that. That's the talk show with Eric when taxes, kind of like a Johnny Carson show. So that's a long story. But that is happening. And I'm excited about it. Yeah.

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