Jeff James: The Importance of Locked Doors in Dangerous Situations


Just like in schools there's nothing There is no bill that's going to stop a kid with a psychopathological disorder All the time from trying to kill people you're not what you can do is you can buy time Time buys you to power to think the power to think gives you the opportunity in the fog award to make a decision And the decision enables you to live So that's where a school security officer comes in The guy's not going to be he man He's not Batman There's a good chance that he may sadly or she get killed But again if they engage the target it buys you time A man trapped or you described by you time A simple act and I'd like you to get into this because you mentioned that on my show's best weekend Of locking a door can buy you time too because what did you find out about locked doors in your research on this Yeah so it's one of the things I brought up last week that I don't know it looks like the pattern still holds up in yesterday's incident But no child has died in a school shooting if they were behind a locked door unless they were injured before they got behind the door So look these people don't want the exception is unless it's a targeted act If it's a workplace shooting and you were the boss who fired me and I'm coming to find you I might try to shoot my way through that door if I know you're in your office But if I'm deranged and all I want is a high body count I'm not going to waste the time trying to get through a locked door when I can find a target rich environment where people are in the halls or people in a playground or in the cafeteria So yeah getting behind a locked door and hiding and staying quiet we have found that that is in these incidents a true lifesaver

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