Jeff James: We Can Use Patterns to Train Students for Shootings


Do you know the last time a child died in a school fire in America It was December 1st 1958 was the R later the angel school in Chicago fire breaks out And I'll make the long story short The nun is pretty much said hey let's just stay here the firemen will rescue us Well that went tragically wrong 92 pupils and three nuns lost their lives At that point was when they started to mandate changes about the biggest thing is fire drills monthly fire drills You'll take a kindergartner who starts school in September by Christmas They've been through three or four fire drills and they would know where to go if the teacher wasn't in the room And the fire alarm still goes off It doesn't mean they're not scared It means they've learned a pattern You can't really train elementary students like you can't high school kids to react to these kind of shootings But you can have a little touch points with them that say hey we're going to practice we're going to practice where to hide if a bad guy gets in here Or I used to tell the gym teachers If you have a wood line around your school play a game a couple of times at the beginning of the year with the kids saying hey I'm going to time you running to the woodline and back So you see who does it in under a minute So if that shooter is outside will those kids are outside for recess or for gym class and someone says run to the wood line and hide in the wood line They know where to go They've heard it a couple of times So while we can't train them to the level of adults we can certainly give them touch points that are going to that they can pull on again in the future in those moments of high stress and high anxiety and fear

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