U.S. Offers Deal to Russia for Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan


I'll at least Britney griner is going to come home. The WNBA basketball star is going to be traded along with this American businessman for the merchant of death. We're going to give up a guy who was spending years behind bars for arms dealing with terrorists, the merchant of death is going to be given to Russia so we can get Brittany griner home. Because goodness knows, that's a fair swap. Does that sound fair to you? One merchant of death for one America hating WNBA star. Have you noticed how Britney greiner's activism has been completely ignored throughout this whole ordeal that she has been going through? She's trying to smuggle hashish oil through a Russian airport. And they caught her. It got her dead to rights. You can't have hash oil in a vape vaping cartridge in a Russian airport. Sorry, Boris and Natasha aren't exactly going to read you your Miranda rights over their dope. You're caught. And you know, now Biden is trying the Biden administration and blink Antony Blinken and all of them are trying to get you home after you've spit on the flag. Metaphorically. After you disrespected the national anthem, protested against the United States, that same country that you have such disdain for miss griner is now putting its butt on the line for you.

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