Twitter Fined in Privacy Settlement, as Musk Commits More Equity for Deal


Committed to president Xi's zero COVID policy Elon Musk is dropping plans to partially fund his purchase of Twitter with a margin loan tied to his Tesla stake and exchange filing revealing he's increasing the size of the deal's equity component to 33 and a half $1 billion The new structure could reduce the risk of the deal for both Musk and his lander Tesla's share price has sunk by around 40% since Musk first announced his stake in Twitter in early April Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the social media giant could lose significant amounts of money in the next few years as it invests heavily in the metaverse At a shareholders meeting he said the project will eventually generate cash from a creator economy with businesses selling virtual goods and services However until then the company's batting on revenue growth from its Instagram reels short form video service And Guggenheim's partner's chief investment officer chief investment officer Scott miner says that Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency have not established themselves as a credible institutional investment We were probably going to hit $8000 before What was that number 8000 until we totally flush So you have what's going on No I mean if I were I'd be short

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