Target Trading Academy's Patrick Assalone on Futures vs. Stocks


I've done this before with other things because I want people to understand as well. We may be a conservative political. We talk alive. We talk politics, but we also talk finances, and I've had people on about Bitcoin. I've had people on about other things in life, but let's break this down. You made a great distinction I was going to let you make it. And that is that you talk about futures trading as opposed to, you know, what we see right now with what in many ways is the stock market, you know, the average investor out here is chasing an invisible car or a dog that they'll never catch. And it's the investors it's the institutional traders and everything else that are really market this market. Explain the difference in, you know, and you talk about how you could go all day without the stock side. Give us a little bit of a difference. And essentially the reason being is because they're open before the pit session in New York is. So let's say that you were holding a position in the S&P 500 and it's for all intents and purposes at 4500. You wake up the next morning, it's at 45 50. Well, how's that possible? It's because the futures market ran it up. That's how it works, okay? So what you don't know about the futures market is enormous. What you do know is it's a lot safer than just about anything else there is. Now, how does it possibly run up? Well, because the same banks, hedge funds, large financial entities. They're the ones running this market up in the overnight. They're the ones that run it down in the pit session. They're the ones that crash the market. And then you call your broker and your broker says, buy the dip. Which one? How do I know this is the last dip, you don't know that, because they don't know. They have no idea. So what makes us different? I'm not trying to beat the big money. I sort of draw the correlation

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