Is Biden Preparing to Give Sovereignty of America to the WHO?


Show. Folks, welcome back. I'm talking to dean. Michelle bachman used to be congresswoman Michelle bachmann now. Michelle bachmann, you're the dean of the Robertson school of government at regent university. What we're talking about is obviously unconstitutional, unprecedented. And most people living their lives just can't believe that the people in leadership that they've elected theoretically could be so profoundly ignorant or just evil that they would turn the nation over to strangers to bad actors to people like the head of WHO, it seems impossible are senators like, you know, the good guys out there, Josh hawley and company, there's a number of senators and congressmen, Jim Jordan, who I would expect would be on this. Do you have any sense of any of them are talking about this? These are very good guys, but in their defense, I think a lot of them have no idea. We're all blindsided by this. It's not easy to get to them quite honestly. They've got a phalanx of staff in front of them. And the staff knows everything. The staff and these congressional Senate offices, most of them are 25 years old and know everything. And so it's tough to penetrate that wall that surrounds a member of Congress. But nonetheless, we have to try. We have to do everything that we can. I know senator Rick Scott, I spoke with his chief of staff, senator from Florida. And spoke to him, sent him information. Rick Scott tweeted over the weekend that he is in opposition to the who taking sovereignty over the U.S.. So it starting to penetrate. But that's not a big deal that Rick Scott, we would expect he would be opposed to somebody taking over sovereignty of the U.S.. We would expect anybody who's not an idiot or a communist to be opposed to this. So big deal, the question is, what does Rick Scott and his fellow senators going to do about it? I mean, that's a little bit. And again, what they have to do is they have to kick and scream and they need to throw a tantrum on the Senate floor in the house, floor and say, look, you're not getting another vote out of us. We're not even going to vote. Until you withdraw those amendments, you bring those amendments here in the House floor and the Senate floor. We're going to take a look at them. We're going to tell the American people what they say. And that's what people need to do. Read these amendments. A lot of what the amendments do is scratch out the right of the U.S. to have our unilateral authority. Instead, that authority is given over to the director

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