Andrew Weissmann Wants Revenge Against Society


In for years he was a federal prosecutor on the federal payroll destroying lives destroying institutions as much as he could You have to imagine That when this punk was in junior high or we call it middle school now or when he was in high school he frequently must have gotten his ass kicked because he is on a revenge against society And he posts the following post the phone DoJ next steps number one prosecute and flip Clark eastman and Meadows Clark is the former official justice eastman of course was the lawyer for Trump and Meadows was the chief of staff Prosecute and flip Clark eastman and Meadows Prosecute and flip them for what Doesn't matter see this is his technique It's very Third Reich like Weissman very Third Reich like Just throw some books at these guys use these very ambiguous laws Threaten to put him in prison for 20 or 30 years and make them say things that they would not otherwise say Number two if you can make a criminal case on them immunize them and force them to testify in the grand jury See This guy would have been fantastic I think he would have been on the wrong side of the Nuremberg trials but would have been fantastic in some fascistic or Marxist regime Because that's where his head is

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