Still Little to No News in January 6 Hearings


We also got on the panel last night to the one 6 hearing, and a big surprise, a big surprise for me. I learned something from the one securing history, cut number 23. What do you make of this hearing today and overall how these have kind of come out methodically? Well, today I learned something new. Something that's unusual. I learned that the assistant attorney general for the office of legal counsel, Steve engel. I've only met once and had a long conversation with once. But he very highly esteemed in Washington, D.C., and he served in that job four years for president Trump. When asked by president Trump what he would do if he fired the acting attorney general replaced him with a Trump oil is further down. He said, I'll quit. And the president backed off. That's news. That's the first time I've learned something from these hearings. And so the reason the public is fundamentally disinterested in what is going on in the Nancy Pelosi won 6 committee is that there is precious little news in these carriers. But when there is some, I notice it. And I know that the president got pushed back from one of his most trusted age and we ought to know that.

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