The FDA Has Lost the Trust of the American People


So it comes my turn to talk about it and I know that FDA and jewel are on the agenda cut number 24 Jacob, please. I don't hear anything from the administration about fentanyl. And those numbers are through the roof. It's a tomb and the fentanyl that all of us agree is the number one part of the border crisis is what we have to be focused on to kill the 107,000 American last year. It is a wide open border. I know you wanted to talk about the FDA and Joel. And I have to say, why are we focusing part of the federal government? The FDA on regulating jewel when we can't regulate the border. Why do we assume the federal government can do anything when it can't do the first thing, which is to control the border. As Molly said, the cartels control the border, not that. And administration, so why would we trust the FDA, which had a very bad year anyway in the course of COVID? They blew the Johnson & Johnson pause. They blew in fact, they blew a lot of the Abbott laboratory process. They do not have a great reputation right now and they're shutting down jewel. I'm not a fan of Joel. Why in the world would we trust them when the government can't do anything on its number one job?

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