Emmy surprises: 'Squid Game,' Dave Chappelle, 'This Is Us'


We know who's been invited to the Emmy party but some popular shows and actors are left on the outside looking in Two of the most popular broadcast TV shows have ended their network run but will not be able to cap their success with a farewell Emmy off the list of the NBC drama this is us and the ABC comedy black ish as popular as this is us has been over the years It has never won the Emmy for best drama It wasn't just popular broadcast shows left off the list the wildly popular Netflix survival drama Squid Game was not nominated as best drama series If it had been it would have been the first non English language drama series to get that nod It was a mixed bag of news for two comedies that got a lot of attention last year Dave Chappelle's Netflix special got two nominations despite comments that critics took his anti transgender but a special by Louis C.K. was ignored A Moscow's

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