Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speed up climate change


Massive methane leaks or speeding up climate change and Associated Press investigation shows hundreds of oil and gas operations are spewing the gas over and over again An aerial survey last year detected 533 methane super emitters in the Permian Basin a 250 mile wide expanse along the Texas New Mexico border The survey was conducted by carbon mapper a partnership of university researchers and NASA Riley durin is carbon mappers CEO Often in a place like the Permian with fragmented leases where you have literally dozens if not hundreds of operators close by is the biggest source of uncertainty isn't where is the methane coming from it is who owns that piece of equipment The methane released by these companies will disrupt the climate for decades contributing to more heat waves hurricanes wildfires and floods Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency haven't regulated the gas leaving it up to oil and gas producers to cut emissions on their own I'm Mike Hempen

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