Andy Biggs: Glad Dem Mayors Finally See Illegal Aliens as a Problem


Not that you're laughing, but are you looking at the mayor's nimby here and thinking, told you so? Yeah, I think well, I'm glad that there are at least finally acknowledging that illegal migrants and aliens coming across the border can potentially be a problem. So, I mean, yeah, I mean, to see mayor Bowser mayor Adams, they're just having a fraction of what happens on the border. I mean, you've got, you've got cities of 20,000 people that are seeing four or 500 people a day coming through towns just a 100,000 that a thousand a day. They're complaining about a total of 4000 busted them from Arizona and Texas. And you know, well, grow up. I mean, let's face it, let's work together now and secure the border.

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