Fetterman absence raises stakes for Dems in key Senate race


John fetterman's absence is raising the stakes for Democrats in a key Senate race Democrats hoping to maintain a fragile Senate majority or keeping an eye on the race in Pennsylvania Lieutenant governor John fetterman hasn't been seen much since he suffered a stroke in May and underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker The democratic candidate hasn't been fielding questions from the press although his campaign staff says he's been walking 5 miles a day making fundraising calls and holding meetings Joe foster who recently retired as party chair in Montgomery county says the campaign told him they figured fetterman would start getting out in mid July Federman and Republican candidate doctor mehmet Oz had been exchanging barbs on social media with the Democrat portraying Oz as a carpet bagger after Oz filmed the campaign ad at his mansion in New Jersey He trolled the TV host with a video from MTV's Jersey Shore star snooki telling Oz he'd be back in New Jersey soon Meanwhile Oz laced up running shoes and went for a jog as he welcomed fetterman back on the campaign trail saying it will be good to focus on fetterman's quote crazy leftist ideas rather than his health I'm Jennifer King

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