Which Eric Will Win the Missouri Primary?


Tell me, David drucker, it's primary day. Is Eric Schmidt, who should win in Missouri is a head in Missouri, Eric brightens a disgraced and falling like a rock, is Eric Schmidt going to win. Well, I still keep my eye on Vicky hartzler, even though Trump gave her one of his signature on endorsements. I talked to a lot of people in Missouri over the past few days, Republicans. The only thing they have in common is they want somebody other than Eric brightens to win. And they all told me that data they're looking at reflects the public polling that we can see. And they thought the only thing that might have saved brightens would be a Trump endorsement. And I was checking with some people yesterday when we didn't know which Eric he was going to endorse, we didn't know it was just going to be the generic era. And they said, look, even if it's great as at this point, it will be really tough for him. That endorsement really needed to come in by Friday morning. So Schmidt would seem to be in the pole position here. But I'd keep my eye on hearts for it because you never know.

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