Reports: FBI Knows More About Jan. 6 Bomber, Withholding Video


A new report out that the FBI, this is from the gateway pundit, the FBI knows more about whoever planted the bombs outside of the RNC and DNC headquarters than they had previously led on. Anybody else find that odd that we have yet to know who actually planted those devices, especially since the whole thing was captured on camera. Anybody concerned about that? Now according to revolver news, the FBI is hiding security video footage of the January 6 pipe bomber planting the bombs. Congressman Jim Jordan sent a letter to the FBI director Chris wray in March. Regarding the investigation, according to that letter, now members of Congress are accusing the FBI FBI of withholding information. So why is it that the FBI doesn't want you to see the video footage of the suspect planting the bombs at the RNC and DNC? I have a theory about that. Is it possible that the reason why the FBI doesn't want you to see that video is because it was in fact the FBI that planted the bombs? Is that, is that a possibility? Why is it that the FBI has yet to explain how many of their agents, how many of their staffers were involved in the plotting and the execution of what happened on January 6th at the capitol building?

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