Hegseth & Goodwin on the Battle for American Education


Back folks, we're talking about education, American education. Remember that? It's the book is the battle for the American mind uprooting a century of miseducation, Pete hegseth and David Goodwin, the authors. Again, the good news is we're waking up to this. The good news is there are solutions that are still possible. But we are in a battle. I mean, the teachers unions, for example, we now know, are just leftists. They are just marxists. They don't even believe that we should have a say in what our kids learn. I mean, it's kind of like we skipped backwards to Mao's cultural revolution, and we're suddenly in China in 1965. And the parents are being demonized by their own children. I mean, it's like, you just didn't think this could happen in America. Not only did they not think parents should know, they think parents are the rubes over here who are poisoning their kids with yesterday's dogma and it's the job of the school to give the correct education to hide the gender transition that's going on at school from the very parent. This is a war. We chose that intentional. I mean, I guess I have a military background. It is a war for the future of our country of ideas of our faith of the things our country was founded on. And if we don't, but education has just been this secondary issue for too many people.

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