Eric and James Howard Kunstler Reminisce About the Rabbit Ears Series


To James Howard kunstler, also known as Jim, Jimmy Jimbo. Jimmy Jack. Jim reverend Jimmy. So we were just talking about rabbit ears. So yeah, so in the late 80s, early 90s, I got this job that I've started director of gravity, and I thought, who can I turn to who could write these stories? So you did just great work. And rabbit ears would, so we create this children's book, but then we get top Hollywood names to record them. I think the Davy Crockett was like Nicholas cage. And sacagawea, I don't remember who did that one. I'm pretty sure it was mom's maybelle. I'm almost, I'm almost certain that I don't. It was either mom's maybelle or Sinatra. Either one. One of those two. But then we would get amazing musicians. Garrison keeler. Yeah. Can you use his name now? Is it safe to say garrison? I think he wants his touched a woman's back. When they were taking a photo and he lost his career over that thing. Goodness. Marco Connor, the fabulous Marco Connor, did the music for that. It was quite a fantastic production of video. Well, that's the point is that the rabbit hair stuff was super accurate to one tons of awards. So I had the privilege of writing many of those. And my name is attached to these Grammy Awards for best children's recording 1989 or something like that. I think that one too. Yeah, I know. It's crazy. So but that's kind of like the last time I saw you in person. Was 1991.

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