Sebastian Welcomes Jack Carr, Author of 'the Terminal List'


You are probably enjoying an Internet phenomenon that is terminal list with Chris Pratt. I watched all of it last night as my wife fell asleep. I caught the last two episodes as well. I said, I gotta see this before my Friday guest arrived. Why? Because it's the man who wrote it, none other than U.S. Navy seal lieutenant commander Jack Kyle. Welcome to America first. Thank you so much for having me on. It's great to talk to you. All right, we're going to talk about the genesis of the book, the genesis of the TV show Chris peratt's involvement. But first things first, I got to get straight to it as a gun guy as a guy who likes edged weapons. Talk to me about why hatchets talk to me about I can see it on the wall back there. Is this the rediscovery of a primal weapon? What does it mean to you and to the guys on the teams? That's exactly what happened to have one right here. Nicely. Yeah, Winkler say tomahawk right here. That's the one from the show and from the books. But when I was creating the character, I wanted something kind of like the 21st century Rambo knife, those of us who grew up in the 80s and of course, remember that being a very important element of that series. And I thought, what is the weapon that I can associate with this character that also tells a story about him? Tells us that he is a student of warfare, but also applies it in a modern context. So I thought that tomahawk, we go back, of course, well, really to the beginning of time, but in America, to Rogers rangers and those mentioned hatchets, of course, I've been fascinated with hashes and Ed's web edge weapons since I was a little kid and also a lot of people carried them downrange in Iraq and Afghanistan. So I thought this was a weapon that I can associate with this character that really tells a story about him.

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