Senator Angus King: There Is No Excuse for Uvalde


I got to ask you about you've Aldi, but I want to preface this by saying you're an Abbott guy. I'm an avid guy, the governor is going to win handily. Beto is not the answer for protection. I don't know how many questions. You got to beat him like three times and then maybe he'll go away, but you've all the seared into people's mind. 400 law enforcement officers. You are yourself. Law enforcement officer. What happened? You know, it was a, it was a catastrophe. The things that make good law enforcement are good training, good recruitment, good supervision, well funded law enforcement. They had none of that and Yuval. If you picture everything that goes wrong, it's an embarrassment to the law enforcement community. A humiliation and it's a tragedy of tragedies. And we are going to do everything we can to make sure that that never, ever happens again now. I'm just telling you, we can make those schools. We can lock them up. We can make them prisons. And someone will stand across the street and shoot with a rifle into the playground. They'll run to the bus, jump on the bus, they'll go to the football games. There's always ways people can do things. But our job is to make it as tough a target as possible to have as good and well trained school, personnel to deal with it, and to make sure that we got law enforcement that knows how to deal with that. When I was first became a cop, the deal was, if you had an active shooter, you secured the perimeter, and then you waited for S.W.A.T.. That was the job. That's not the way it's been sent Columbine. These officers dealt with it like it was pre Columbine. They did not go in. I have no idea why. If you and I had been there with no law enforcement training, we'd have been busting out the wind to doing something. But those officers, there's a time when as an officer, you know, you go in and you may be shot as the first one going in, you may be shot as a second one going in, but that third one or whatever is going to take out that shooter and save those children. That's what should have happened, and there is no excuse at all.

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