Charlie Wants to Give You Some Hope


I want to give you some hope. It's not just the hope that Elon thing. Someone emailed me freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Charlie, can you give us some hope really sweet email? Will you continue to talk about the hope Charlie, I have hope in my lord savior Jesus Christ, amen. I know he wants to save America, but he won't go against free will. Double-A men, can you please and continue to share with your audience the hope that we as Americans have for our republic and our freedom? I think, and look, I'm not going to get into the whole free will thing too deeply theologically. I am a believer in free will. I believe we have free will. I believe God gives us agency. There's a lot of people that listen to this program that do not have that belief. They do not think that you have free will or they might have different opinions on how much free will you have. I'm open to be corrected on that. I have a pretty convinced, but I'm not going to go either way on that. But I do believe I do believe this idea of seemingly infinite outcomes for a particular situation actually at least gives you some promise. And gives you some opportunity and some magic and mystery for how things might end up. And I think this Elon chapter is just one of the more exciting things that I've seen, not just because of worlds richest man coming on team anti woke and he's standing against it. But all the sub kind of decisions that are made out of this, the reason you have despair, why would somebody have despair about America? Because you think the downfall is inevitable or certain. You despair when you think that or you have anxiety when you have thoughts about the future that you think are irreversible or unchangeable. The minute I might tell you that they're actually more risk and flexing those joints, that they're actually is more opportunity for maybe an inconclusive outcome or a revival or for people to act a certain way. All of a sudden your cynicism can turn to doubt, doubt is a lot better than cynicism.

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