Kash Patel: Robby Mook Testified Early Because of a Vacation to Spain


Cash there was a lot more in that answer I know you caught it He wrote in Jake Sullivan into that too Jake Sullivan who is now the national security adviser at The White House into the decision to disseminate the hoax and you got to be thinking to yourself how the hell does Jake Sullivan still have his job at The White House This is crazy No you look you're totally right And Jake Sullivan is another guy that I interrogated under oath And that's why I think Robbie mook was boxed in because look all of these transcripts are we put them up for free at Durham Ross dot com We want the whole world to see everything that's been out there on Russia gate So go read them Your audience should go educate themselves Jake's all done I think lied to Congress about his involvement in the Russia gate hoax And the reason I think Robbie mook has to say what he said was because we boxed them in four years ago and his lawyers were like listen you can't really lie on the witness stand here because there's a transcript review basically already copied to it But here's the kicker that no one's talking about And Robbie mook was not a witness for the government John Durham had not finished the government's case the defense asked the judge to let Robbie move testify early because he had a vacation in Spain He had to get to Now Dan you and I both know when it comes to federal court In what universe does the government's case stop for a defense witness who's going to be the Spain And it could not have backfired more superbly for them The defense put this guy up and now he's taken out Clinton world and the Durham prosecution is going to continue It's amazing what's unraveling here

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