Smylie Kaufman Talks About Going Pro

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The lightbulb kind of came off for me, spring semester, my senior year, put a ton of work in that off season, from a swing perspective. I was always not the most weight ball striker. In college, I was probably one of the better putters in short game guys in college. I think that's what kind of chuck saw in my game as well, our coach, and he just always said if he can get on the green as much or more than everyone else, then you're going to be there and then a golf tournament. And eventually, I started getting control of the golf ball, you know, where I could kind of point and shoot where I was looking and then from there I was able to be on the green as much as everybody else and quickly I started getting a lot of confidence. It kind of belief in myself. Kind of had took a lot of ownership and my golf swing. And playing week to week, that spring of my senior year just building confidence is a week, weeks came on, was able to qualify for the U.S. open right out of school. That's right. Yeah. And that was like the big, I think it was I qualified in locals while I was in school and then right after NCAA's did sexual and made it through pretty easily. And at that point, I was like, I was still thinking about doing another summer of amateur golf. Because I was like, I'm so ready to get to the top of amateur golf because I really just hadn't broken through yet. And I was like, at this point, I make the U.S. open. I'm like, well, that decision's made easy. I'm going to definitely turn pro now. And from there, just had a really nice summer. Didn't make the count to be open, but it felt like my game, you know, when you get to that was the best thing that could happen to him. He was playing practice rounds right out of school with PGA Tour players and seeing like, all right, my stuff matches

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