National School Boards Wanted to Use Military Force Against Parents


Of America. Made headlines last year, where they colluded with the attorney general of the United States to try and compel state based intervention because they were parents showing up at school board meetings that they didn't like. But now new revelations are showing just to the extent the national school board association has discussed and disdain for parents. Fox News dot com early demands from the national school board association, so The White House include calls for the deployment of the army National Guard and the military police. To monitor school board meetings. According to an early draft letter, the organization independent review released last Friday. Okay, so I want to know the person or the people that even in what realm of comprehension do they think that the military police put differently they wanted to turn school boards into tribunals. That is not an exaggeration. You do not bring the military police unless you're trying to recreate some form of a tribunal. And they were so worried about parents showing up to school board meetings that they wanted the National Guard to come in with humvees and M 16s. And full body armor. How many people died at school board meetings in the last year? How many people

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