Willy Mac's Golf Return Started From the Back of His Van

Fore The People


And so I went in this crazy golf mode. And it took me freaking forever. I mean, I was hitting, I literally pulled out a pair of Cleveland classic, these manganese bronze blades that I must have got when I was like 14. They were sitting in my, we had this, you know, how you got that little house outside the house, the little, what it shared. You had the shed, and it was all decoys, you know, decoys, waiters, and just shit, grab those and started hitting balls. And the local pro was like, all that will come out here for free and hit up teachers bucket. Or two teachers buckets every day of me and my dad, I said, look, let's give it three months. I mean, I was already an adult, you know? I was 25 years old. It was September October, November of 99. I said, if I show signs of improvement, what do you think? Can we try to figure this out? He said, you God dang right, son. You know, he obviously he wanted me to play when I was young, and I quit. You know? Quit on him. So he's like, dude, I'll do anything in I'll go ask every damn man in town for a $1000. If you're willing to freaking put forth the effort. And he would come out there every day and meet me at lunch. I would go out there like 7 a.m. in my freaking van. I was still living like a hippie. And how would you just grind my freaking ass off every day? And I was like, man, these guys are going to get burned out. These boys that went to college and shit. I'm just going to, they're way better than me, but I'm going to just slow the catch a and hopefully sooner than later. And it took me a while, you know, it took me a while, but I didn't start playing well to probably

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