Coming Soon: Mike Gallagher Bobbleheads!


We're going to, we're putting together this bobblehead. In fact, if you're by a computer or a smartphone and you want to see what the bobblehead looks like, I'm going to give you about 60 seconds and then you can take a peek at this, let's go Brandon Mike Gallagher show bobblehead that we're going to start selling in a few weeks. Here on the Mike Gallagher show, it is creepy because it looks very much like me. And don't play it yet. Is that the one though? No, no, no, no, that's not the right one, is it? Oh yeah, that is, that's the one. Yeah, there it is. Oh boy. Salem news channel app. Download the app you can watch the show. See how creepy it looks. Now Eric's mad because the hair is gray, but my hair is gray. It's all right. Let it go. We'll send out a link of what the bobblehead looks like here in just a minute. And if you want to see what the bobble headline it looks, I think it's kind of funny, but we'll get your take on it. This is just a mock up. I think they're going to change the outfit, but the head is the head. That big fat nose of mine and that big, huge forehead. You could land a plane. You could land an F-35 on my forehead. But that's just how I look, you know? I've come to peace that I'm not a handsome person. I get it. There are people who are attractive, there are people who just look like a million bucks. I'm just a schlub, but a schlub makes for a good

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