Why Dennis Was Very Moved at a Recent Daily Wire Event


Last night, 3000 people, the vast majority of whom were young. In other words, I would say under 35. Certainly under 40. To the great credit of daily wire that sponsored the event that's the Ben Shapiro organization. 3000 people. Again, mostly young. And Ben and his daily wire are associates all terrific guys, many of whom have been guests on my show, had a dialog. Then there was intermission. Then I was introduced, we Ben and I spoke, then we had Jordan Peterson, he was introduced. The people did not expect the people did not expect me, and they did not, they did not expect Jordan, so there was a real eruption of sentiment that applause. It was very, I was very moved in both cases for myself and for Jordan. So then Candace Owens was a Candace Owens. I forgot to mention, was there from the beginning. So yeah, I'm going to ask a good question, Sean asks if there's a video you can watch. You would love it. You would truly love it. I mean, Jordan Peterson Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, myself, and three, four of his top people at daily wire. It was one of those moments where one of my personal attitudes was expressed itself. And that is, there are two types of temperaments, those who people who want to be stars from those who want to be on an all star team. My own temperament is I want to be on an all star team. So I felt that I was on one last night, and it was, it was a wonderful experience

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